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Problems In Pregnancy

For many women pregnancy may entail a plethora of minor problems such as backache, swollen legs, heartburn, indigestion, and insomnia, or general aggravation in not being able to accomplish one's daily tasks with the usual efficiency. If this is so, you need spoiling! Here is a marvelous remedy which can be massaged into your back by a partner or friend on a regular basis and which will alleviate physical problems at the same time uplifting your spirit. Use whichever rose essential oil you have handy or can afford: Geranium would be a good substitute.

Pregnancy Pick-up Back Rub

Geranium Use some or all of these oils in equal proportions, to a total of 30 drops per 30ml vegetable oil.
Lavender In some instances Chamomile German is more appropriate.
Chamomile Roman  

I remember well the heaviness of pregnancy. Perhaps only women who have experienced it can know how the iredness seems to permeate every part of the body. Everything seems weighed down - the torso, of course and the arms and legs, head and even, it seemed to me, the eyelashes. If being pregnant is the ultimate 'high', it is also the original heavy experience. But the uplifting qualities of the essential oils are a great help after a tiring day when the legs are swollen and the back aches. Pregnant women should use only 2-4 drops of essential oil in a bath. Choose your favourites  or try the very relaxing combination of one drop each of chamomile roman and lavender oils.

Morning Sickness
For morning sickness, a bowl of boiling water with 4-6 drops of spearmint oil added, placed on the floor by your bed overnight, will help keep the stomach calm. The aroma molecules will disperse upwards and gently do their work as you sleep, and after using this method for three consecutive nights, the morning sickness should be gone. Alternatively put one drop on your pillow.

Stretch Marks
I have treated many women with essential oils during pregnancy and not one of them had stretch marks. And they all had wonderful babies. For the tummy-rub treatment the base oil is as important as the essential oils themselves, and here is a formula which has proved very successful.

Massage Base Oil

30 mls almond oil  
15 ml wheatgerm shake the oils together and use when needed
10 drops Borage seed oil  
5 drops carrot oil  

 As the base oil comes to 45 mls (plus the 15 drops ), looking at the minimum-maximum chart you will see that you need to add 12 drops of essential oils  (for 30ml base)  and 6 drops (for 15ml), giving a total minimum number of 18 drops of essential oil to 45 ml base oil.

Massage wherever stretch marks might occur - the lower and upper abdomen, thighs and buttocks. Use the oils regularly to prevent stretch marks. Here is an excellent synergestic blend  you may like to try:

Pregnancy Tummy- Rub Synergistic Blend

Rose Bulgar (or Maroc) 7 drops  
Lavender 6 drops  Mix into a concentrate using these proportions, then add 18 drops to the base oil quantity shown above: or add 2 drops per dessertspoon of base oils
 Tangerine 5 drops  


Every pregnant woman knows the importance of eating correctly during her nine months and while breast-feeding. But doing so is by no means as straight forward as it used to be  in this age of chemical growing processes and irrigation an apple can no longer be guaranteed t be rich in vitamin C and B, and while liver was once recommended for its high iron content, animal livers now also contain high concentrations of the toxins fed to the animals during its life time.

The unnaturalness of our food, together with hormonal changes, reduced exercise and the sheer pressure on our digestive system during pregnancy, all conspire to make constipation a common complaint. It is important to avoid, however, because the toxins can seep back into the system. This is not the time to use chemical laxatives, instead stick to natural remedies which are, in any case, the basis of the chemical copies. Also, drink lots of mineral water and eat as many raw vegetables as you can.

Good natural laxatives are dried fruits such as prunes and figs, and greens such as broccoli and cabbage. The bran content of your diet is essential now but avoid bran breakfast cereals because they are eaten with milk and sugar . Try instead the original muesli recipe  devised by the Bircher Benner clinic in Zurich, Switzerland. Eat this for a couple of mornings and you will find that your system has returned to normal. The oats clean the blood, take mucus from the bowel and generally provide one of the most cleansing treatments you can take.

Another excellent way of clearing the bowel is to take a glas   of water and add a quarter teaspoon of green clay, which is available in health care shops . as it passes through the intestinal the clay absorbs toxins  and shows them the door! Yet another method involves psycillium husks, which are pure fibre and can be bought raw or in capsule form. Any of these methods will clean out all the rubbish lurking in the bowels.

Patchouli is an excellent intestinal cleansing oil and if you are prone to constipation it will be worth making yoursef up a bottle of oil to use during pregnancy. Simply add so drops of patchouli to a bottle containing 30 ml vegetable oil. To get everything going, rub the oil all over the abdomen  in a clockwise direction. Start at the lower right hand-side, by the groin, and rub up to beneath the breasts , across and down the other side, down to the hair-line again. Cover the whole belly in slow, gentle clockwise movements.

Problems in Pregnancy 2

Reference : The Fragrant Pharmacy: Valerie A. Worwood

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