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Treating Acid Environments

  • Terebinth Oil: is essence of Turpentine. Turpentine is a natural oleo-resin formed as a physiological product in the trunks of Pine trees, Pinus spp. The resin is removed, leaving the turpentine or Terebinth oil. This is used in many house hold products and in the past a very important part of the home pharmacy.

    it can be used as a douche for vaginal problems, taken internally for all sorts of haemorrhage, to kill tapeworm, with Opium to treat cystitis, and as a syrup with Balsam Tolu to treat chronic bronchitis. It is a potent antiseptic and cleanser, and inhaled for all sorts of problems of the respiratory system.

    Terebinth is used externally to clean sores and wounds, in foot baths for fetid foot odour, to clean gangrenous sores and boils, as a friction rub for aching limbs, in liniments as a pain reliever, and to get rid of fleas and body lice.

  • Vanilla Planifolia is an orchid, a large climbing vine indigenous to Central America. The flower is pollinated by a particular insect that can get inside the orchid, or the flower can also be hand-pollinated. As the pod or fruit develops it elongates, and just prior to complete maturity this sexual part, the pod (the outer capsule), is harvested. The pods are then dried and cured, a chemical fermentation process that releases enzymes and during which the pod gets brown and a flavour and aroma begin to develop. As the fruit dries, crystals appear on the outside, the vanillin. Sometimes this may take up to a year, Sometimes the fruits are dried by infra red light.


  • Other references: Tonka and Vanilla.

    Vanilla is more than just a particular scent. It is a recognizable flavour that revolutionized the taste buds of the peoples of the Olde Worlde. Vanilla, a native of Central America, was used by the indigenous peoples, including the Aztecs, along with Chile Pepper and Chocolate to make a very tasty drink that only the god/kings were allowed to partake of. This drink and these foods were exported to Spain about 1575 along with most of the Aztec gold.

    Vanilla oil can also be used in body-care products but why bother? It is the fragrance itself along with the taste that is the true aphrodisiac. it mixes well with Orange and Chocolate tastes.

    Vanilla pods, chopped and infused in oil make a dynamic massage oil for the impotent, frigid or sterile person-it is warming, soothing and an aphrodisiac. Mixed with a bit of Olive oil, a Vanilla massage oil preparation can be used to lubricate the outside  of the vaginal area. Sex will be delicious, nutritious and sweet-smelling as well.

    Reference: Jeanne Rose/The Aromatherapy Book

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