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Thrush treatment for Men- Women 

  • Change to a wholefood Diet as previously recommended.
    Three tablets of Acidophilus per day
  • Tea tree    5 drops
    Patchouli  5 drops

    Combine and add 1 drop to a bowl of warm water and wash under the foreskin twice a day; Dilute 1 drop in 30ml vegetable oil and apply under the foreskin once a day.

    Now that you know you are not going to be re-infected by your possibly symptomless partner, take a look at the essential oils which will help to clear up your case of thrush.

    Essential oils for clearing Thrush

    Chamomile German-Yarrow-Marjoram-Cajeput-Eucalyptus-Lavender-Geranium-Rosemary-Tea Tree-Myrrh-Thyme-Patchouli 
  • There are several ways to treat thrush, so find the most effective for you. First, the yogurt way The yogurt used here must be whole-milk, natural, white, un-pasturized and with a live acidophilus culture - obviously, no additives or preservatives.
    If you can't find a 'live yogurt' that fits the bill, forget this method for now.
  • Using yogurt with essential oils  provides dual action - the lactic acid  and 'friendly' bacteria of the yogurt plus the antibiotic and anti-fungal properties  of the essential oil. You can prepare a carton of yogurt  for the purpose  and keep it in the fridge . This method is very effective if you have a lot of soreness and itching.

  • Chamomile German    5 drops
    Lavender                     5 drops
    Tea Tree                     5 drops
  • Add to 100g carton of yogurt (as above) and stir well.

  • Now we get to the fun part- trying to get the yogurt mixture into the vagina! Use either an applicator for inserting pessaries or a tampon applicator. If the latter, remove the tampon and scoop as much yogurt into the applicator as you can (in the end which normally holds the tampon)You will need to close the end of the applicator that normally pushes the tampon into the vagina; either use a piece of adhesive tape or plug it tightly with cotton wool. Insert the applicator now as you would with a tampon into the vagina. This will enable you to get as much yogurt  mixture into the vagina as necessary. Use once a day until the condition has cleared up.

  • Another way of using yogurt is to dilute it in warm spring water until a thin fluid has been obtained. Then add the following essential oils.
  • Geranium  3 drops
    Marjoram  2 drops
    Patchouli  1 drop
    Add to 100g yogurt and spring water and stir well.
  • Place this mixture into a douche and wash out the vaginal tract twice a day. If you don't have a douche, here is another method but it is not so effective and therefore takes longer to clear the thrush away. Put the yogurt and essentials oils into a bowl of warm water and lower yourself into it, submerging the whole genital area. Open the vagina with your fingers and push as much water as you can with the palm of your hand into the vagina. If you find this too difficult, just open the vagina as wide as possible and allow the solution to enter.
  • Alternatively again, soak a tampon in the yogurt mixture and insert into the vagina once a day in the morning, making sure to remove the tampon at night.

  • Thrush can also be treated by using the vinegar and water methods. The vinegar of course, should be entirely natural product with no additives or preservatives - apple vinegar is excellent. It is important that the vinegar should be sugarless as the thrush fungus thrives on sugar. Vinegar can help restore the acid balance of the vagina.
  • If you are in discomfort and have not seen your GP, please book an appointment as soon as possible. Your GP can request the appropriate tests and further referrals that may be needed.
  • Reference: Fragrant Pharmacy/Valerie Wormwood 

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