Vaginal Infections and Inflammation

When treating the vaginal inter-tract you must remember that undiluted essential oils can burn the delicate   mucous membrane tissues and so they must be used in diluted form, to stop further infections in the future...…..Read More 

 Treating Acid Environments

There are several varieties of bacteria that thrive in acid environments.These include Bifidus (mother's milk bacteria) and Acidophilus (healthy intestinal bacteria).These are helpful treatments for certain, vaginal disorders, and as treatments in skin care.

For instance, yogurt can be thinned with water, certain essential oils aded (such as Tea Tree), and a cleansing "skin milk" and vagina douche is the result.....Read More

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On line Bookings 

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Aromatherapy Courses

Aromatherapy is a mystical science and offers the possibility of entering the portals of the olfactory systems. Promoting the recall of childhood and life long memories, that are often lost in the symptoms of dementia praecox. ( Activating the long term memory) .

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