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The Land

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Those who work the land have humanity's greatest asset in their hands and under their feet. It is their responsibility to think of the future - for the sake of the children and ours. Most people now agree that mono-culture farming methods which rely on chemicals, rather than the inherent goodness of the land, are bad not only for the land itself and the workers who have to handle pesticides, herbicides and fungicides on a regular basis, but for the consumers of produce so grown.  

If you are what you eat, most of us are by now to a certain degree pure chemical Inter-growing so that so that the natural protective mechanisms of plant life can operate, feeding the land organically so that its nutrient qualities are retained, and utilising the essential oils as growing enhancers (in both size and taste) and guardians against pests, would be the best action for anyone concerned enough about the environment to take personal steps to protect it.

Reference: The Fragrant Pharmacy: Valerie A Worwood


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