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Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) - 2

It is very important that ME sufferers have enough sleep, but paradoxical as it may seem, insomnia is one of the problems they encounter. To be terribly tired yet unable to sleep is one of the worst aspects of ME and has been described as a kind of living death. These are the oils to use:

Insomnia Essential Oils
Valerian - Clary-Sage - Marjoram - Sandalwood - Chamomile Roman - Lemon

Massage the oils into the body before having an essential oil bath. Make a blend using a total of 30 drops from the list above to 30ml vegetable oil. For individual massages use 5 drops of essential oil to a teaspoon of vegetable oil or 10 drops per dessertspoon.

Massage over the whole of the body, including the shoulders and neck. You can do this while the bath is running. Put 4 drops of your chosen essential oil or oils in the bath, which should be neither too hot not too cold. Get in and just lie there and drift or, if you have the energy, read a book. Then go to bed. Repeat nightly as often as needed.

The depression that so often accompanies Me comes from a chemical imbalance as well as from the fact that it's impossible to complete tasks that were sailed through before the onset of ME.

You seem to be weighted down bay an invisible force while your friends clamber up the ladder of success and accomplish all the things you too had set out to do.

Life seems to be passing your by. Meanwhile it can be difficult to explain the nature of your fatigue, and not every one is convinced that you have a real physical problem rather than a mental collapse.

You feel guilty about being so dependent on others and would love to be able to 'pull yourself together' as the ignorant and unfeeling advise you. You might be sitting on the sofa all day but you are definitely not taking it easy! If only people could understand.

No wonder you sometimes get depressed. Treat this with the same essential oil as in the stress list, although the following seem to help the ME sufferer more specifically.

ME Depression Essential oils
Grapefruit - Rose - Tangerine - Geranium

Loss of memory

This is an extremely irritating factor in Me. Here you are, the one who used to get all the work done at double speed, unable to complete your pile of work and forgetting things too. But it's not old age, and you're not cracking up after all these years; it is that horrible enterovirus getting your brain chemicals in a twist again.

Learning to live with loss of memory is not easy and calls for adjustments in your life. Write down all the important and indeed non-important things you need to remember. Forget the 'key word' lists you used to make, for when you have forgotten what they were about, they are useless. Be precise. Of course it is frustrating and irritating to watch the simple things of the past become a series of little uphill struggles (and big ones), but you can learn to adjusting, some people will never know the difference.

Try to become aware of your daily rhythms in terms of mental and muscular fatigue. If you can't hold a pen at four o'clock, write this down, along with the other lows and highs, and see if a pattern emerges. Work this pattern to your advantage by getting as much done when you have the energy.

Here are the oils to help you get through that work:

ME Concentration and memory Essential Oils
Rosemary - Basil - Lavender - Bergamot - Grapefruit - Neroli

Try always to have a small bottle of diluted oils in your desk drawer or where ever you work, and inhale as needed and apply to the temples and nape of the neck. You could also keep a small sprayer handy to spray around the office.

You decide how to use the oils, in anyway to best effect - perhaps in a shower in the morning, or apply them on the way to work. here is a very effective synergistic blend you might like to try:

ME Concentration and memory Synergistic Blend

 Basil   8 drops
 Grapefruit  10 drops
 lavender  7 drops

5 drops 

Other Symptoms
There are possibly many other symptoms you are suffering from. look them up elsewhere in these pages and follow the treatment recommended. Feel free to use the formulas mentioned in this section in any way that is most convenient.

The muscle fatigue formula can just as effectively be used in the bath, and the depression and concentration formula in a body rub. Do what works best for you.

Me is such an individual disease that you will have to work out your own essential oil treatment. For some, stress is a factor that must be managed. Do try the various relaxation techniques, including meditation. Sitting in a heap when your fatigue is at its height for the day doesn't count. Breathe correctly, get plenty of fresh air and fresh food.

Don't overtire your body by making it work on chemicals and pollutants in food. If what you eat swims, flies, walks or grows, fine; if it comes out of a packet, box or tin, forget it. Increase your vitamin and mineral intake: Vitamin B, D and C are all useful, as are zinc, selenium, and germanium.

Reference; The Fragrant Pharmacy: Valerie Ann Worwood

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