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A hospital unit is as likely to see a burn fron contact with corrosive materials, electricity, radiation or boiling liquids as from contact with fire. Many of these case are the result of accidents at work. The depth and severity of the burn is something that should be assesses in hospital. The classifications of first, second and third degree burns depend upon the depth of the burn rather than the are concerned,  and sometimes a burn can be more serous than it appears.

Electrical burns can be particularly misleading because the damage can extend for some distance beneath the skin. A dangerous element of all burns is shock, which can develop some hours after the accident. The degree of shock depends upon the area of the burn. If 10 per cent or more of the skin area has been affected the shock will probably be serious enough  to need hospitalisation, so don't play the hero and just go home to rest because things could get worse Infection is another danger with burns.

Four essential oils provide excellent treatment for first degree burns and shock.

Essential oils For Treating Burns
Lavender-Chamomile Roman-Yarrow-Chamomile German
Any of the above used singly has a remarkable healing capacity on burns, clearing them up in no time, removing the pain, and in many cases preventing blistering and scarring. Using them in a synergistic blend can be even more effective.

Electrical Burns
These are usually worse than they look so make sure you get a medical opinion on them. Before you do anything, however, it is vital to immerse the affected area in cold water as soon as possible. Burns of any description involve a proces known as denaturation which is the killing of protein, the material of which living matter is composed. If you can imagine the tissuebeneath your skin as an egg white form of a cooked egg you will understand why it is so crucial to stop this process as soon as possible.

Keep the burnt area in the cold water for a good ten minutes, even if the pain is subsiding. The point being - you want to get all the heat out of the area as soon as possible to prevent further damage to the living tissue beneath your skin.

On no account put butter or vegetable oil on the skin as this will only keep the heat in and make the burn worse. Having cooled the burn in cold water you should cool the area with a compress. This can be made from gauze, if you have it, or a piece of sterile material-If someone has a cleaned ironed hankie us that if that is the best you can do.

But if you can't find something really clean it is better not to use anything. Soak the material in ice-cold water, add the essential oils and apply it to the burnt area. Use 1 drop of essential oil for each square inch of skin affected. Use any of the above on their own or the synergistic blend given below. If burns are a hazard in your workplace, this formula should be ready and waiting in the first-aid box:

Burns Synergistic Blend
Lavender 10 drops-Chamomile German 10 drops-Chamomile Roman-5
drops-Mix together in these proportions.
As the lavender is antibiotic this also reduces the risk of infection.

Corrosive Burns
Follow the advice given on previous pages. Although most chemicals will have a neutralising agent , interaction between the two usually generates more heat and could just make things worse. Wash the area thoroughly in cold, running water from the tap. Then apply the essential oils neat and cover with a cold, wet, clean cloth.

Burns can also be treated with a blend of aloe vera and essential oils. use 2 drops of the synergistic blend to 1 tablespoon aloe vera and apply to the burnt area three times a day. Take 100 mg of vitamin C daily to assist the healing and alleviate the effects of shock. You'll need to replace the fluids that have been lost through shock, so have plenty of drinks and include honey, glusoce or sugar in them.

Reference: The Fragrant Pharmacy: Valerie Anne Worwood

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