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Back Problems 

It has been estimated in Britain alone thirty million working days are lost each year through backache. The world-wide figures for lost production must be staggering and yet nobody has come up with a solution to the problem of chronic back pain. Instead we are told that it is an inevitable of our forefathers having got up from the all-fours position very millennia ago. In other words, It's just something you have to put up with.

One of the most exasperating aspects of back pain is that unless you are actually in spasm nobody can actually see you have a problem, and telling the boss you are in agony so can't come into work can be met with disbelief. On the other hand, when you tell someone you have back pain they invariably say 'Oh, I have that too' and proceed to launch into a monologue about how ghastly theirs is!

Sometimes back pain is due to specific physical reasons such as a slipped disc, and for this remedies can be found But more often than not it is just the pain of strain. Slouching over a keyboard  for fifty-two weeks  of the year leads to trouble, or lifting boxes the wrong way.

Bad posture, digging the garden and staggering home with the shopping after a long day's work can all cause problems. Falls and whiplash can reappear as back pain years later, and a number of degenerative diseases cause back pain too.

But the spine is one of the most important parts of the body and needs special care. It does, after all, house the spinal cord which is actually a part of the brain. Serious back damage can cause paralysis and a whole range of other problems. One of the best preventative measures involves strengthening the stomach muscles so that compensatory action doesn't need to be take by the muscles that support the back. 

This exercise is especially important for those who have bad posture or bad muscle tone: lie on the floor with your arms crossed and slowly lift the upper half of your body, using only the upper and lower stomach muscles. Breathe out as you lift up and in as you roll down. Start slowly and increase to twenty of these roll-ups per day. Not only will they improve your posture and strengthen your back, they will also help you lose weight.

There are many types of back pain: lumbago, which affects the lower back; sciatica, which causes pain in the buttocks radiating out to the thighs and legs; fibrositis, tender bundles of fibrous tissues within the muscle; arthritis, spondylosis; curvature of the spine; slipped discs; and pains caused by weak back muscles, weak abdominal muscles and tension.

Essential oils can provide wonderful relief from chronic back pain. They penetrate deeply into the muscle tissues, encouraging contracted muscles to expand, they increase blood flow to the area, and allow torn fibrous tissues to be repaired by the body. Use these essential oils to best advantage in these blends, i drop per millilitre base oil:

Essential Oils to Treat Back Pain
Thyme (all types) Cypress-juniper-Balsam de Peru-Peppermint-Sage-Camphor-Eucalyptus- Angelica-Chamomile (both) Rosemary-Oregano-Vetiver-Ginger-Basil-Benzoin-Lavender-R1 Formula

And here are three synergistic blend Formulas that are very good for alleviating back pain.

Formula 1: Rosemary 10 drops - marjoram 10 drops - Sage 10 drops

Formula 2: Lavender 10 drops-Eucalyptus 10 drops-Ginger 10 drops

Formula 3: Peppermint 10 drops-Rosemary 10 drops-Basil 10 drops

All diluted in 30ml vegetable oil

Massage eases any type of backache. Get a friend to do it for you. If this is impossible, massaging the lower back yourself is relatively easy, although you will find the upper back more difficult. But the oils can still be applied to the area where they will penetrate through to the tissues, by putting them on a sponge or cloth and attaching it to a back brush, or something similar.

Ice-massage is a very effective method of treating lumbago, sciatica and fibrositis. Typists and clerical workers are prone to develop these conditions, which are often caused by sitting in one position for too long. They usually effect the upper back muscles and cause a chronic ache, often with the muscles going into spasm.

Ice-massage is also very helpful on any area that feels inflamed. To prepare the ice you need several polystyrene cups. Fill them with water and freeze, then cut the cup down so that the ice is protruding.

Massage over the sore area in circular movements.

Reference: The Fragrant Pharmacy: Valerie Ann Worwood

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