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Whooping Cough

Pertussis is called whooping cough because a 'whoop' sound is made  as the child draws in air against the resistance of the glottis which is usually closed by the cough reflex. Before he/she learns to do this, the child appears to be suffocating because he/she cannot take in air while he/she is coughing. Basically, the pertussis cough comes on too suddenly for the usual taking in of air before a cough. The coughing is violent and uncontrolled and there can be as many as fifty coughing fits during a twenty-four hour period.

You can forget about having a peaceful night's sleep - whooping cough will keep you and the child up for three or four weeks if you are lucky, twelve if you are not. This is a very serious disease, especially for babies and the under-fives. It can cause brain damage, convulsions, ear infections, pneumonia, bronchitis, hernia, and a collapsed lung. It also makes the child susceptible to other serious infections.

Whooping cough is an extremely distressing disease, not only because the coughing and vomiting is so obviously painful and uncomfortable for the child but because the complications it can cause are worrying to you. The treatment below isn't simple but is well worth making the effort it entails to try to keep the condition to a minimum. Results will be evident after a few days and will reward your perseverance.First of all, keep your child away from other children for at least two weeks. Even if a child has been immunised he/she can still catch a mild form of the disease and will still be highly infectious.

Whooping cough is more common than one would like to think and sometimes a child with a mild case of it appears simply to have a bad cold. Such a child can easily infect many classmates before anyone realises what is happening. In the treatment of whooping cough we use oils which are not  the main list for children and introduce more vital and aggressive essential oils .You will perhaps already have some of them in the house:

Essential Oils For treating Whooping Cough
Cinnamon, Lavender, Hyssop, Red Thyme, Cypress, Niaouli, Grapefruit, AV1(Dermatect) Thyme linalol 

Change the child's diet to one that is light and nutritious. Cut out milk products which can cause excess mucus in the body. Give the child chicken ,fish, eggs, wholemeal bread, vegetables, fruit juices, mineral water and herb teas. Sorbets and ice lollies made at home with diluted natural fruit juices will be soothing. Make soups and liquidise vegetables to make them easier to swallow. Cod-liver oil helps, as does vitamin C (get the water-soluble variety which can be sipped as a drink).

Multi-vitamin and mineral tablets and a zinc supplement are particularly helpful at this time. As during any disease, the body will be working very hard to rid itself of the offending organism. One should try to help the body now, not hinder it: so no sweets, additives or preservatives of any kind. That means no fizzy drinks. Give only mineral water and pure fruit juices.

Do not keep the child in hot stuffy rooms which dehydrate the body, but let him/her have plenty of fresh air. Open the windows during the day, ensuring that the child is well wrapped up. Steam also helps. put bowls of steaming water in the child's room  at night to keep the atmosphere as humid as possible and thus avoid dehydration of the bronchial tract.

Make a synergistic blend of the following oils and use them in the room - in the hot-water bowls, in a diffuser or on a source of heat. Use 3 drops each time, three times a day.

Room Method Synergistic Blend

Hyssop 10 drops  
Thyme Vulgaris 10 drops Make into a synergistic blend using these proportions or Substitute Dermatect
Cinnamon 10 drops  

Make up another formula for use in the bath (4 drops each time)and also put 3 drops of this on a piece of cotton and leave it tucked under the edge of the child's pillow overnight:

Bath and Pillow Synergistic Blend

Cypress 10 drops  
Niaouli  5 drops Make into a synergistic blend using these proportions
Lavender  2 drops  
Thyme Vulgaris  3 drops  

Massage Oil Formula 

Red Thyme  5 drops  
Niaouli  5 drops Dilute in 30ml vegetable oil or Substitute 20 drops of Dermatect in 30ml vegetable oil
Lavender  5 drops  
Hyssop  5 drops  

If your child is under one year old, halve the dosages in all treatments above.

Reference: The Fragrant Pharmacy: Valerie A Worwood

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