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A-Z of Sports and Dance Injuries - 4

Face Contusion

Contact sports-Fencing-baseball

Brusing of the skin and underlying tissue on the face. Apply an ice pack over the injured area immediately and at least three times day for fifteen minutes. Afterwards, massage the whole facial area with the following oil: 

 Lavender  5 drops
 Geranium  10 drops 
 Cypress 5 drops
 Hyssop 5 drops
 Rosemary 5 drops 
 Diluted in 30mls vegetable oil  
 Twice a day, morning and night, apply direct to the area a cold cotton-wool compress on which 3 drops of chamomile have been placed.  

Finger Strain

Contact sports-Catching-Throwing-Gymnastics

Over-stretching of the ligaments between the finger joints. Place the fingers in a bed of ice for at least ten minutes then massage over the whole hand with the following.

Ginger  20 drops
Black Pepper  5 drops
Nutmeg  5 drops
 After twenty-four hours use alternating hot and cold compress treatment, apply the massage oil.  

Foot Bursitis

Dance-Aerobics-Competitive sports

The soft sacs of the pad of the foot filled with fluid are known as bursa and can become inflamed. This condition develops over a period of time and treatments should be started as soon as it is suspects.

Soak the foot in a cold foot bath three times a dday. Afterwards, massage the whole of the foot with the following oil:

 Peppermint  30 drops
 Diluted in 30ml vegetable oil  
 Rest as much as possible.  

Foot Contusion

Dance-Aerobics-Blows to the Foot

Brusing of the skin and underlying tissue. Treat as for foot bursitis, massage with this oil:

 Hyssop  5 drops
 Cypress 15 drops 
 Geranium 10 drops
 Diluted in 30ml vegetable oil.   

Foot Ganglion (Synovial Cyst)

Aerobics-Athletics-Competitive sports

A small hard movable nodule in between or on top of a tendon or joint. This develops slowly and can sometimes be dispersed by massage.

Apply a hot compress which has had 1 drop of thyme oil added. massage the area quite firmly with the following oil:

 Thyme 5 drops 
 Rosemary 10 drops 
 Tagetes  15 drops
 Diluted in 30 ml vegetable oil.   

The Fragrant Pharmacy: Valerie Ann Worwood

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