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Travelling is supposed to be one  of life's great pleasures, but if you feel sick in a car or plane , you may wonder why. Peppermint oil has a marvellously calming affect on the stomach  and is clearly an essential for any uneasy traveller. It is very strong, so just one drop in a cup of water with sugar to taste and sip it slowly before setting off on your journey.

The advantage of this method is that you can pop the sugar-cubes  into a plastic bag and into your pocket for when they are really needed.

Another excellent general travel oil is ginger, which is well known for alleviating seasickness but is equally effective for other types of travel sickness. Two drops of ginger oil placed on a handkerchief  and inhaled works well, and a drop diluted in a little vegetable oil and rubbed over the upper abdomen also helps.

Midsummer traffic jams often make driving to the beach  a hot and frustrating time, but passengers and driver alike are kept cool and calm by one drop of lavender, eucalyptus  or peppermint oil one or two cotton-wool-balls placed on the rear window-shelf of the car.

These oils are not only antibiotic and antiseptic  but they soothe the nerves and keep them from fraying. They won't make the driver sleepy, but will keep him / her on an even keel, relaxed but aware. For more lengthy or tiring journeys  the driver can put two drops of basil oil in his or her morning bath, or on to the face-cloth after washing in the shower and rub it over the body. This will help to sharpen concentration and help to keep the driver alert.

Exhaust fumes can cause nausea, so roll up the windows if you are caught in a jam  and put a drop of Eucalyptus on a couple of tissues and place it around the car to counteract the smell.

Travel sickness  is to a large extent caused by conflicting messages  reaching the brain from the eyes, the balancing mechanism of the ears and the stomach.

It helps to look at an unmoving object on the horizon or, if you are on a plane or ship, to close your eyes. Children often become sick, because they are focusing their eyes on things nearby them on the seat, so do get chairs which elevate them to the level of the window and encourage them to look at all things  in the distance  by playing I-spy type of games.

Reference:The Fragrant Pharmacy/Valerie Ann Wormwood

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