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Aromatherapy - Locker Room Scents

Locker rooms, changing rooms and communal showers could have been designed for the continuation of many species of bacteria, viruses and fungi.

I dare say none of us would ever enter one, if we had a microscope available to show just what a community of little microbes harbour and indeed flourish there.

The floors and benches in these places could routinely be washed down with anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fugal essential oils - it would also give the whole place a lovely aroma - and with the choice available, something in keeping with the masculine or feminene would be no problem to find.

To be realistic, however, such measures are unlikely to have ben taken, and so it is wise to use essential oils on the areas one uses to keep oneself free of everybody else's 'hanger on'.

Certain rules should be common sense. Never use anybody ele's towel, for example - always use a fresh towel of your own. Put a small towel on the bench before you sit on it, and keep a towel for just this purpose, putting a few drops of protective essential oil on it before you set off to the gym or wherever.

Wear shoes that you have already dusted with a bacteria buster powder to avoid the spread of fungal infections. Don't eat food in locker rooms and try to avoid putting your fingers in your mouth. Wash your hands thoroughly before leaving.

Try to get the windows opened to ensure a fresh circulation of air. If you have your own locker spray it with anti-bacterial oils, and if you share it with others put a tissue with essential oil in a corner and leave it there.

As so many sprays and body preparations are used in locker rooms, nobody will care or even notice if you spray around a bit. Ther are many essential oils you can use, but the oones that follow are quite acceptable aromatically in public changing rooms. All have antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties, while those marked with an asterisk also have anti-viral properties.

Locker Room Bacteria Busters

Niaouli - Lavender - Pine - Lemon - Ravensara -Oregano - Thyme - Cinnamon - Eucalyptus - AV1 (Dermatect)* - Bergamot

Bacteria Buster Dusting Powder

100gms Pure talcum powder
Ravensara  20 drops
Pine 20 drops
Eucalyptus  20 drops
Bergamot 20 drops 20 drops

Mix in these proportions.Put the talcum powder in a blender and drip the essential oils, already mixed together, into the talc through the hole in the lid of the blender. Blend un til all the particles are evenly distrubted, package and use as required.

Locker Room Spray And Wipe

Cinnamon  20 drops
Lemon  20 drops
Pine  20 drops
Thyme  20 drops
Oregano  10 drops

Blend the essential oils and add 1 tablespoon vodka or pure alcohol. Use 10 drops in a hundred mls of water.

Shake well before use in the sprayer. If using as a wipe, use the same dilution as for the spray but pour it on the cloth you use to wipe down surfaces.

Reference: The Fragrant Pharmacy: Valerie Ann Worwood

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