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Aromatherapy- Stress & Sports - Jacuzzis

Relaxing in your own jacuzzi, with warm water bubbling on your back and essential oils relaxing you, is a very different matter than sitting in the chemical stew which is what most communal jacuzzis, with their constantly recycled water, resemble.

Any of the oils listed in these paragraphs would be fine, and although the essential oils if used over a long period of time will cause residue to build up in the pipes, this can be cleaned away with the usual cleansing programme you should be using.

If you ate compeletly hooked on the idea of communal jacuzzis and want to ask the neighbours to share yours, I suggest you aquaint yourself fully with the Bacteria Buster list of essential oils - and use them.

Hot tubs are the tradition in Japan, where the whole family will happily soak with the neighbours. The difference between japanese and Western cultures, however, is that the Japanes wouldn't dream of getting into a tub without having washed thoroughly beforehand, and certainly not if they had any bacterial, viral or fungal infections.

In fact, if the manager of any such establishment is reading this, he or she might like to bear in mind that there are excellent oils for rheumatism and arthritis and a special tub could be put aside for sufferers of these conditions.

Reference: The Fragrant Pharmacy; Valerie Ann Worwood.

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