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A-Z of Sports and Dance Injuries


Injury to the muscles or tendons of the abdominal wall and lower abdominal area.

use the ice method for the first day. From the second day add 4 drops of rosemary on a hot compress and place over the affected area.

Repeat three times a day. Also massage the area gently using equal proportions of ginger and thyme - 1 drop per millitre of vegetable oil.

Likely Causes

High jump - Long jump - Contact sports - Stretching - Javelin - Discus Throwing-Weight lifting - Dance.


Inflammation of the ac hilles tendon. This limits movement and the area may be hot and painful.

For the first three days use a cold clay poultice to which yoy have added 3 drops each of chamomile and lavender.

Thereafter use a hot clay poultice to which you have added 3 drops of ginger and two drops of chamomile.

Also massage the area with a teaspoon of vegetable oil to which three drops of chamomile and two drops of lavender have been added.

The Cabbage method also helps.

Likely Causes

Running - Jogging - Jumping - Dance - Aerobics - Kicking


Brusing of the tissues and skin as a result of a direct blow to the area. There is pain and swelling.

Use the ice method at least three times a day for three days, and inbetween massage all over the foot and ankle, three times a day, with the following.

 Hyssop  3 drops
 Cypress  10 drops
 Geranium  8 drops
 Lavender  2 drops
 Diluted in vegetable oil  30ml

Likely Causes

Hockey - Football - Rugby


A slight tearing or stretching of the ligaments in the ankle. Use the ice metod, then massage the whole of the foot and ankle and the leg to calf muscle, using the following; 

Ginger  20 drops
 Nutmeg  17 drops
 Cloves  3 drops
 Diluted in vegetable oil  30 ml

Keep the ankle bandaged to prevent further damage.

Use Ice packs for three days (followed by the massage), three times a day, and if the pain continues begin to apply alnernate hot and cold flannels, to both of which you have added 4 drops of peppermint.

Use steaming hot lannel and ice-cold ones, and apply them alternatively several times .

Do this three times a day. The best thing of course is to rest the ankle, but dancers may not be able to do this and they should follow the alternate hot and cold flannel treatment every five minutes.

Likely Causes

Almost any sport or dance.

Reference: The Fragrant Pharmacy: Valerie Ann Worwood

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