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  • aromatherapy crampsLeg cramps in pregnancy are usually worse in the last months and can be caused by the position of the baby or by calcium deficiency. They are often worse during the night or during afternoon nap. French and Swiss women have been using the following foot bath with success for many years:

    Foot Bath for Leg Cramps

    Geranium 5 Drops
    Lavender 10 Drops
    Cypress  2 drops

    Place in a bowl of hot water, allow to cool, to a suitable temperature, then immerse the feet for 15 minutes.
    You might also think about taking calcium supplements.

    Cramps in the abdomen are a completely different subject and should always be checked with your doctor. Indeed, all your problems during pregnancy should be discussed with him or her, so make a habit of writing down everything that happens during your nine months - however minor - so that the doctor has a complete picture of your development and can treat any condition that warrants it. Make sure too that you attend all your ante-natal appointments, no matter how inconvenient or unnecessary you may feel them to be, so that you recieve regular urine and blood tests  and can discuss everything that has been happening to you during this time.

  • Leg Cramps-Night Cramps
    Night cramps can cause a great deal of anguish, not only from the pain which can last up to ten minutes while the muscle is in spasm and make even the bravest of us scream, but from the interrupted sleep pattern which results. Cramp is a painful contraction of a muscle which cannot be relaxed, and in this instance it most often occurs in the calf muscle.

    The Swiss have a way with cramp that must have been adopted from the Chinese, and it does work. You just hold your big toe, pressing on the nail and applying very firm pressure on both the front and back.

    But prevention is the best option. Calcium Zinc supplements are recommended, as a garlic capsules and quinine (and that sounds like a good excuse for a gin and tonic!) Warmth and massage are also important. This is the massage oil to use.

    Rosemary  10 Drops
    Hyssop        5 Drops
    Lavender     5 Drops
    Marjoram  10 Drops

    Diluted in 30 ml of vegetable/Carrier oil
    Before going to bed, massage the whole leg in an upwards direction and lastly, massage the feet. Then put on a warm pair of socks (forget about glamour - jumping around holding your foot isn't glamorous either). This should be done every night for at least a fortnight.

    Treating recumbent cramp is also a deprogramming process - you have to prevent the message that says there'll be cramps every night.

    One of the most effective ways to combat cold feet during the night is to place a soft pillow between the sheets at the end of the bed and use it as a sort of hot-water bottle. The difference is that while  a hot-water bottle starts warm and gets progressively cold during the night, the pillow starts cold and get progressively warmer as it absorbs your body heat. If you can heat the pillow on a radiator before putting it in the bed, you have the best of both worlds.

  • Reference: Fragrant Pharmacy/Valerie Wormwood


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