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A-Z of Dance and Sports Injuries - 7

Shoulder Strain

Contact sports-Boxing-Throwing

Injury to muscles and tendons. Use the ice method for ten minutes at a time and after forty-eight hours use the heat compress or flannel method.

Three times a day massage all the arm and shoulder area with the following:

 Ginger  10 drops
 Chamomile  10 drops
 Nutmeg  10 drops
 Diluted in 30 ml vegetable oil  

Thigh Injury - Ham Strings

Dance-Gymnastics-Running-Competitive sport

An injury to the ham string tendon which connects the thigh muscle at the back and side.

Use the ice method and ice packs for at least ten minutes four times a day. Also massage three times a day using the following.

 Rosemary 10drops 
 Eucalyptus 10 drops
 Chamomile 10 drops
 Lavender  5 drops

Diluted in 30ml vegetable oil 


Wrist Ganglion

See Foot ganglion

Wrist Strain

Contact sports- Pole Vaulting-Skiing-Bowling

Over-stretching of one or more ligaments in the wrist. Apply an ice pack three times a day. Afterwards massage with the following oil:

 Ginger 20 drops
 Nutmeg 17 drops
Clove  3 drops 
Diluted in 30ml vegetable oil   
Use an elastic bandage between treatments.  

The Fragrant Pharmacy: Valerie Ann Worwood

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