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A-Z of Sports and Dance Injuries - 2


A strain or injury to the muscles or tendons of the upper or lower arm. Use the ice method followed by massage of the area with the following formula.

 Ginger 20 drops
 Blackpepper 5 drops
 Nutmeg 5 drops
 Diluted in vegetable Oil 30 ml


Contact sports- Throwing - Weight Lifting - Dance (male)

BACK: Slipped or ruptured Disc

A break in the ligaments surrounding a vertebral disc. This should be treated by a doctor, but intermittent additional care can be as follows.

During th first three days use ice packs over the painful area to reduce inflammation. Afterwars apply the following oil gently to the area.

 Rosemary 10 drops
 Peppermint 10 drops
 Eucalyptus 5 drops 
 Ginger 5 drops
 Diluted in vegetable oil 30ml

Depending on the type of injury, after the initial three-day period it may prove a more effective method of pain control to move on to alternate hot and cold compress (or flannel) treatment.

Put 2 drops each of basil and peppermint essential oil on the compresses, followed by gentle massage oil treatment three times a day for as long as required.


Tennis - Bowling - Gymnastics - Weight Lifting - Dance


Follow the treatment as for slipped disc, but during the acute stage hold against the painful area an ice bag wrapped in a towel for at least ten minutes, have a break and start again.


Contact sports - Lifting sports - Dance - Gymnastics 


Bruising of the breast, pain in the breast. Massage the area using the ice method four times a day and afterwards gently smooth the following oil over the damaged area.

 Chamomile  5 drops
 Geranium  10 drops
 Cypress  10 drops
 Hyssop  5 drops
 Diluted in vegetable Oil  30ml 

After two days, hot compresses or flannels with 2 drops of chamomile added can be used. Afterwards apply the massage oil. If you are a woman, wear a protective and supportive bra.


Contact sports and Dance


Brusing of the buttock skin and tissue caused by a fall or direct blow. Use the ice method four to six times a day and after three days transfer to hot compresses.

After each application, use the following oil, gently massaged into the effected area.

 Cypress 10 drops
 Geranium 5 drops
 Hyssop 5 drops
 Rosemary 10 drops
 Diluted in vegetable oil 30 ml 

Protect the damaged area.


Contact sports -Dance - Falls - Horse Riding - Ice Skating - High Jump

Reference: The Fragrant Pharmacy: Valerie Ann Worwood

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