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Vaginal infections and inflammation

  • and all sexual activity should stop until the infection has cleared up. If you absolutely can't say 'no' to sex, use a condom as this reduces the risk of passing the infection back and forth between you

    Here is a synergistic blend formula for trichomonas. As you know by now, you make up the synergistic blend and then add the recommended number of drops taken from the concentrate, depending upon the method you intend to use. It is important that whenever method you choose, you should keep up the attack - use the essential oil remedy regularly and do not be tempted to double the dose, thinking you will be doubling your chance of recovery - instead use for twice as long. Follow the method preparations as described in the section on thrush.

    Trichomonas Synergistic Blend
  •  Tea Tree  5 drops
     Cypress  4 drops
     Lavender  8 drops
     Red Thyme  3 drops
  • Choose your method from these:
  • Teatree 8 drops in Sitz bath daily
    Cypress 4 drops in yogurt
    Lavender 4 drops in bicarbonate of soda and 600Mls of water pour the mixture into your vaginal douche pump
  • Choose your method from these:

    4 drops of one of the above oils in one teaspoonful of vinegar added to 600mls of water.
    2 drops of the above blend in 600mls of water, drop a tampon in to this blend and insert.
    Use five drops of the above blend  per teaspoon of vegetable oil/carrier oil

    Massage oil - use twice a day, morning and night (keep the unused half  teaspoon in an eggcup for the evening massage.

    Now let us look at the essential oils that can help to clear up some of the other debilitating infections and inflammations that women are prone to:

    Essential oils to help clear Vaginal infections
    Cinnamon-Juniper-Hyssop-Lavender-Rosemary-Sage-Clary sage-Red Thyme-Origanum-Tea Tree-Eucalyptus-Cypress-Niaouli

    Essential oils to help clear inflamed vaginal tissues
    Chamomile German-Lavender-Yarrow-Tea Tree- Eucalyptus-Angelica

    Many conditions can be helped by the use of essential oils - you may like to experiment yourself, taking care to follow the golden rules for the use of douches, or choosing one of the other methods outlined here.


Summary of Methods of Use

If specified, you can douche once a day for three days each week, always add the oils to spring water that has been warmed.

Sitz Bath method

  • Drop formula into bath of water, run to hip level. Sit there for at last 15 minutes. Tampon Method Soak tampon in mixture of essential oil and other ingredients, as directed. Place in vagina in morning and
    take out at night. Creams Add formula to 120ml vitamin E ointment or KY jelly. Massage Oil Add formula in proportion to a total of 3o drops per 30ml any vegetable oil including soya, almond, sunflower, borage seed, evening primrose, jojoba. Glycerine available from any pharmacy, glycerine oil makes essential oils less harmful to vaginal mucous membrane and lessens irritation. Add essential oils to glycerine before adding this mix to water.
  •  Reference: Valerie Ann Wormwood/Fragrant Pharmacy

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