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Your Basic Travel Kit - The Heat

Heat exhaustion is not really likely to affect the majority of travellers, but not drinking enough water or replacing the body salt that is lost when temperatures soar into the 100's is dangerous. If you are feeling dizzy, faint and nauseous - and you may not even feel thirsty  - retire to the shade and drink as much water as you can. You should aim to drink at least three litres a day, with one teaspoon of salt added . Apply neat lavender or eucalyptus to the temples, back of the neck and solar plexus  ( upper abdomen) and breather deeply. 

HEATSTROKE, SUNSTROKE AND HYPERPYREXIA, CAN START SLOWLY. First there is a confused feeling, a headache, drowsiness and temperature. The skin becomes hot and dry and looks red and yet there is a feeling of coldness, and shivering. Basically the heat regulation system in the body has stopped working and caused the temperature to rise.This is a very serious matter and the temperature must be brought down immediately and treatment must be continued for at leas forty-eight hours to ensure the crisis has passed.

Try to immerse the body in cold water to which you have added 4 drops each of eucalyptus and lavender essential oil. Alternatively, just pour water over the body and apply neat eucalyptus to the temples and the back of the neck.Applying ice to the under-arms, the groin, wrists and neck helps too - even if the only ice you can find is in your Cuba Libra. Get the sufferer indoors as soon as possible and sponge him down repeatedly with ice-cold water and eucalyptus for at least forty-eight hours.

A quick dowsing with water will only lower the body temperature by one hundredth of a degree, which obviously will not do. The sponging must be frequent and prolonged. Plenty of liquids must be drunk, starting with thre litres of water to which is added half a teaspoon of salt per litre.HEAT CRAMPS  can occur after unaccustomed exercise, loss of water and salt. Drink a litre of water to which half a teaspoon of salt has been added and massage the legs with the following:



2 drops

3 drops

Diluted in teaspoon of vegetable oil

PRICKLY HEAT is a rash of tiny blisters that look like little pink or red spots. It is caused by blocked glands and is extremely itchy. It can affect any part of the body , and the best line of action is to keep as cool as possible, expose the area to air if possible, and only cover with light cotton clothing if not.

Apply a splash to the area, made by diluting 6 drops each of eucalyptus, lavender and chamomile to a teaspoon of alcohol (vodka is fine ) and shaking it all in a quarter of a litre of spring water. Warm baths are very soothing if you add to them 4 drops each of eucalyptus and lavender essential oil.

If you get hold of any baking soda while you are away, or if you are at home when someone gets prickly heat, including this in the bath is the best solution. If you can use this method you only need lavender oil but - and this is important - add the lavender to the baking soda and mix them well together before putting it in the bath, don't just put them in separately.

Below are the amounts you will need for various age groups. If  treating a baby, make sure that the folds of the skin are kept dry  (when not being bathed) Use warm water in the following baths:


Quarter cup baking soda 

2 drops lavender


Half a cup baking soda

2 drops lavender


Half a cup baking soda

3 drops lavender


one cup baking soda 4 drops lavender

Reference: The Fragrant Pharmacy : V A Worwood

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