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Your Basic Travel Kit


Lavender Peppermint Geranium Chamomile Ginger
Eucalyptus Thyme Lemongrass Citronella  

Each year British people set off on an astounding twenty-five million journeys abroad. The number of trips taken within the British Isles must be incalculable. But all this movement back and forth and some of the circumstances that we experience while away from home bring particular hazards to us and our family.

We are not only going to eat food which may have been prepared less hygienic conditions and share toilet facilities with complete strangers, but expose ourselves to unusual weather conditions and come into contact with native insects. Most of us have experienced trips made gruesome  because of travel sickness or have spent hours in the local clinic waiting to be seen.


But with your mobile fragrant pharmacy packed in your luggage you can be prepared for any eventuality and make sure that your holiday is not marred by any one of the many common upsets that beset  families away from home. even if you only take one or two bottles of essential oil away with you this may be all you need to deal with known reoccurring problems - sensitivity to the sun, perhaps, or mosquitoes that are insensitive to you, Have a look at the various charts to choose the appropriate essential oils for your holiday basic care kit.

Reference: The Fragrant Pharmacy;  V A Worwood

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