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A-Z of Dance and Sports Injuries - 6

Leg Sprain (Lower Leg)

Dance-Jogging-Running-jumping-Skiing-Most Sports

Over stretching the ligamnets in the legs. Use an ice pack four times a day for twenty minutes at a time.

Afterwards massage with the following:

 Rosemary   10 drops
 Eucalyptus  10 drops
 Peppermint  10 drops
 Diluted in 30mls vegetable oil

After forty-eight hours change to hot compresses, on which you have placed 2 drops each of rosemary and lavender.

Between treatments keep the leg wrapped with an elastic bandage and periodically massage the whole of the leg from the ankle to the thigh.

Leg Strain (Lower Calf Muscle)

Dance-Running-Jogging-Aerobics-Most Sports

Injury to the muscles and tendons in the calf.

Follow treatment as for sprain by using this oil:

 Ginger  10 drops 
 Clove 5 drops 
 Nutmeg 5 drops 
Chamomile Roman  10 drops 
Diluted in 30ml vegetable oil 

Neck Sprain

Contact sports-Diving-Gymnastics-Motor racing

Violent over-stretching of ligaments in the neck region. A collar is usually prescribed and should be worn at all times.

Use an ice pack around the neck area, for at least fifteen minutes at a time.

Massage the neck and shoulders three times a day using the following.

 Ginger 10 drops 
 Rosemary 10 drops
Black Pepper   5 drops
Peppermint 5 drops
 Diluted in 30mls vegetable oil

The ice-cup method can be used to relieve pain.

If you have headaches as a result, use 5 drops of peppermint oil in 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil and massage around the back of the neck, up to the hairline.

Nose Injury

Apply an ice pack immediately. Gauze can be placed in the nostrils to stop bleeding: 1 drop lavender oil on the gauze before cutting it into two pieces.

See a doctor. If the nose is broken, smooth the following oil gently over the forehead and cheekbones:

Chamomile   10 drops
Lavender 10 drops 
Geranium   5 drops 
Rosemary  5 drops
Diluted in 30ml vegetable oil 

If the nose is not broken, apply ice three times a day and massage the nose area, as well as the forehead and cheekbones with the above oil.

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