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Your Basic Travel Kit - Fevers 

A fever is a rise in normal body temperature and anything above 37C (98.4F)falls into this category. Fevers developed on holiday are usually the result of viral bacterial infection. Typhoid, malaria, tic fever and even lassa fever are quite common in tropical climates  and are usually passed by insect bites or  parasites.

But even on the Costa Brava you can get sandfly fever and fevers from the micro-bugs in contaminated water supplies. Hepatitis can be caught by contact with someone with the disease. With fever, it is very important to get the correct diagnosis. 


A body that is feverish can go through many changes from shivering and coldness to heat, sweating and delirium . General toxaemia can arise in typhoid, for example. The feverish person must be kept in bed - rest is generally the best cure. You can help to bring the fever down  by keeping the body cool with sponging.

Add the essential oils of eucalyptus, peppermint or lavender in the water you use to sponge the body down.

Give the patient plenty of liquids, including fruit juices, and make sure he has plenty of fresh air. Spray the room with thyme and use it yourself if you are nursing someone - 4 drops in a bath.

Reference: The Fragrant Pharmacy : V A Worwood

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