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The Workaholic Heart

If you answer 'yes' to the following questions, you are a workaholic. Do you think you are the only one who can do the job properly? Do you churn your work over in your sleep? Are you neglecting your family, friends and hobbies? Is your sex life taking second place? Workaholics have to learn to say 'no'. Enough is enough. The world will not come to a grinding halt if I don't work late tonight. The customer will not drop down a big black hole before tomorrow morning. Everything will be right where I leave it tonight. 'I, going home now.'. Practice saying it!

There's no denying that to get ahead today one must strive to become better and faster than everyone else. Competition is fierce and the accent is on the younger man or woman who has time, energy and ambition to give the job one hundred and fifty per cent. It's difficult to be laid-back when these determined and talented people have an eye on your job. So the pressure is on - and it's on your heart.

Essential oils can help you cope and calm down, but you have to be prepared to help yourself too. You really must carve out some time during the week to give your heart a complete rest and recharge. having a regular aromatherapy treatment is the best way. At least learn to relax. Ask your partner to massage you or, if that's too passive for you, massage your partner instead - but in gentle rhythmic movements, not speedy, intensive slaps!

The following essential oils are good for workaholics because they are stimulating without being over stimulating while many of them also have relaxant properties too. This is a difficult thing to explain. Perhaps you can think of it in terms of people - some are intellectually stimulating while at the same time you feel completely relaxed in their company. A vicar or guru might be the kind of person who falls into this group, or a very dear and bright friend. So, these are the workaholic's friends; use them at any time, anywhere, and anyhow:

The Workaholic's Oils
Geranium - Basil - Lavender - Neroli - Marjoram

And here is a formula for the bath:

Workaholic's Bath  
 Neroli  1 drop
 Lavender  2 drops
 Geranium  1 drop

 You can use this in the morning bath, of course, but it's better to do the whole treatment after work when there is a slight chance you may be thinking of relaxing. Lie back in the bath and read a book, even a textbook if you must, or catch up on your professional trade magazines. Then spend a few minutes doing stretching exercises, like a cat. This helps to release the toxins from your muscles. Breathe deeply. Now massage your body with a combination of essential oils diluted in either base vegetable oil or a pure and simple type of body lotion. Whichever base you choose, use a combination of the oils listed above on the 1 drop per 1 millilitre basis, or follow the formula below.

Workaholic's Massage Formula  
Neroli 5 drops
Lavender 10 drops
Geranium 5 drops
Lemon 10 drops
Diluted in 30ml vegetable oil or lotion  

Although workaholics generally have a neat and tidy appearance, their insides aren't usually in such terrific shape. Skin care in women is often neglected, and because of the stress workaholics often develop dry skin and greasy hair. Just try to remember that you will need your body longer than you need your job.

Reference: The Fragrant Pharmacy: Valerie Ann Worwood 

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