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Stress - 2

These different types of stress occur in varying degrees aaaaand the oils and formulas recommended take these levels of stress into consideration. Identify the degree of your stress  from the categories below and then you can choose from the formulas and oils that follow the most effective treatment for your individual needs. 

Treat the first level before it develops into the second, and so forth. mental health is as precious as physical health: indeedthe sharp distinction so often drawn between the two is misleading. They are at different ends of the same phenomenon but they are actually the same thing. The human being works as an integrated unit of body and mind, and to take care of one is to take care of the other.

LEVEL 1: Starts as tiredness and develops into irritability headaches and insomnia.

LEVEL 2: Depression, anxiety, muscular pain, chronic aches, persistent inffections, guilt apathy, helplessness.

LEVEL 3: Persecution complex, agoraphobia, claustrophobia, despair, increasing guilt and depression, susceptibility to viral infections and bacterial invasion.

LEVEL 4: Now the body is really crying 'Help'. Unexplained pain, heart problems, strokes and high blood pressure may be experienced along with all other diseases that are thought to have their roots in stress. Like ulcers, and eve, according to some opinions, arthritis. The immune system is further depressed, leading to all manner of physical problems.First, here are some synergistic blends, Levels 1 and three are grouped together because these need sedatives and relaxtants.

At Level 2, however, you need something that will add an element of stimulation to prevent you slipping into Level 3. This is to get you out of the quagmire and motivaated , and to stimulate your immune system to prevent infection. If you have reached Level 4, it's time for the heavier sedatives which are known as 'hypnotics'.only those synergistic blends at Level 2 and essential oils listed later under Level 2, the stimulant oils for stress-related disorders, can be used in an open workspace.

All the blends and oils can be used in the atmosphere at work if you have a fairly closed office, and in any other method that you choose. At all levels of stress a bath after work every night is a must - use 6- 8 drops of your chosen formula or oil.You may also make up a massage oil which can double as a body rub to put on before going to work. Also use in a shower, if you have one, in the morning.

Any of the room methods can be used at home, and at work perhaps the best solution is to have a bottle of oils ready with a plant-spray so you can do your workspace when it's convenient - perhaps when everyone else has gone to the pub for lunch. You can, of course, also use the tissue or handkerchief method-you can pretend you've got another cold - or just sniff the bottle or put a dab of oil on the space between your nose and upper lip.

As Level 1 of stress is grouped with level 3, let's start with the level 2 synergistic blends that will, as well as helping you, benefit your fellow workers and boss too.

The three general formulas are idea for reducing stress levels throughout the workplace, enabling everyone to cope before they get stressed out.


 BLEND 1    BLEND 2    BLEND 3  
 Bergamot  9 drops  Grapefruit 15 drops  Neroli 7 drops
 Geranium  11 drops  Rosemary 11 drops  Lavender 3 drops
 Ginger 10 drops  Palma Rosa  5 drops  Lemon  20 drops


 Grapefruit 15 drops  Geranium 15 drops  Lavender 10 drops
 Rosemary 10 drops Lavender 5 drops  Geranium  10 drops
 Lavender 5 drops  Bergamot 10 drops  Palma Rosa  10 drops


 Lavender 10 drops  Lavender  10 drops  Coriander  15 drops
Rosemary 5 drops  Ginger  15 drops  Grapefruit 10 drops
 Cypress 15 drops  cardamom 5 drops    Cypress 5 drops

 Reference: The Fragrant Pharmacy: Vaerie Ann Worwood 

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